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Wishon PCF Micro Tour Wedges

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Micro-Groove™ scorelines are more narrow and closer together than traditional scorelines producing enhanced spin. The bottom of the club (sole) has the leading edge sitting very low to the ground for ease in hitting shots from very short grass. Straighter leading edge for better turf interaction.
304 Stainless Steel produces the softest feel. Dark Nickel Platinum finish will give you the Tour preferred distinctive, non-glare look.

Features and Specifications

Right Hand Only
Head Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Scorelines: Micro-Groove, U-Shape
Finish: Dark Nickel Platinum
Std. Length (Graphite): + .5" longer than steel shaft

Loft (Bendable +/- 4°) Lie (Bendable +/- 4°) Length (Steel)
52° (GW) 64° 35.75"
56° (SW) 64° 35.5"
60° (LW) 64° 35.5"

Shaft Options

Grip Options

Lie Angle Fitting

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mike S, 11/16/2015

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to say that the 60° Wishon lob wedge that you fitted for me (at distance) is working great.

There are not many people willing to fit over the internet I know and especially for Wishon material, but the range of questions that you asked managed to pinpoint exactly what I needed in terms of set up and this is a great product :- weight, shaft, head, grip all perfect.

Thanks alot