Wishon S2R Model 3 Putter by Condor Golf

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S2R Model 3 is a longer neck, "minimal offset," semi-mallet style with a slightly taller face height. The hosel (neck) enters the club head at the far heel side of the face for those players who have a more pronounced "arc" putting stroke.

Model 3 has a standard loft angle of 3°. However, it can be custom ordered anwhere from 1° to 7° loft. The correct loft depends on hand position at impact - more loft if hands are forward of the putter head and less loft if the hands are either even with the ball or slightly behind the ball. Most players have too little loft on their putters and subconsciously compensate by hitting up on the ball. This leads to a little “flippiness” with the hands that obviously becomes very difficult to repeat consistently.  This type of player would need the loft angle set at 4° to 6°.

The lie angle can be bent from 68° to as much as 76° depending on how tall you are and where you are comfortable with your hands in relation to your body. Golfers shorter than 5' 7" or having a knuckle-to-ground measurement that is less than 31.5" should definitely consider having a lie angle that is flatter than standard. This keeps the putter sole resting solidly on the ground, which helps maintain a smooth rolling putt. Most putters (even the expensive ones) cannot be bent as much as the S2R Putter.

It has a three level CNC milled sole which elevates the leading and trailing edges to help reduce "scuffing" the putter on the back stroke and forward stroke. This also enhances a slightly upward angle of attack to the ball which is important for a consistent roll.

Model 3 has a head weight of 345 grams. With this higher head weight, you can get maximum feel as the putter contacts the ball.

Finally, the club face is double milled for an absolute perfectly flat surface.

Technical Features

Head Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Face: Double CNC Milled Face
Stroke Path: Pronounced Arc
Finish: Dark Platinum Nickel

Standard Specifications

Loft Angle Lie Angle Offset Head Weight Std. Length
72° 2 mm 345 grams 34.5"


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