Wishon S2R Model 5 Putter by Condor Golf

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S2R Model 5 is a semi mallet putter with a "single bend" steel shaft that creates a normal 72° lie angle and a standard loft angle of 3°. It is considered as heel-shafted putter which is best for a player with a slight arc putting stroke.

It has a three level CNC milled sole which elevates the leading and trailing edges to help reduce "scuffing" the putter on the back stroke and forward stroke. This also enhances a slightly upward angle of attack to the ball which is important for a consistent roll.

This is the only putter in the S2R series that has a face groove pattern. High speed video has shown that the best roll on a putt was achieved when the putter head was moving ever so slightly upward as it came into impact with the ball. The grooves were installed to enhance the ability of the putter face to generate more topspin on the putt with a slight upward angle of attack in the putting stroke.

Model 5 has a head weight of 355 grams. With this higher head weight, you can get maximum feel as the putter contacts the ball.

Finally, the club face is double milled for an absolute perfectly flat surface.

Technical Features

Head Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Face: Double CNC Milled Face
Head Weight: 355 grams
Stroke Path: Arc
Finish: Dark Platinum Nickel

Standard Specifications

Loft Angle Lie Angle Std. Length
72° 34.5"


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