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Wishon S2S Golf Shafts

Wishon Golf was the first to clearly explain exactly how shafts bent, twisted, curved and performed during the swing in its technical writings during the early part of this century.  Prior to this no one had ever explained exactly how different swing movements caused the shaft to bend in different ways and in different places on the shaft.

Wishon Golf was the first to identify the exact swing characteristics that have a significant effect on the bending and performance of the shaft.  With its focus on evaluating the golfer’s Transition Force, Downswing Tempo and Point of Release, Wishon Golf pushed the industry years ahead in the ability to evaluate a golfer’s swing for the purpose of accurate shaft fitting.

And now, with its emphasis on studying the full length stiffness progression of thousands of shafts, Wishon Golf is pushing the envelope with shaft designs that uncover performance and feel elements in golf shafts that have never been attempted, let alone even envisioned.