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Wishon Sterling Single Length Left Hand Irons

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Minimum Order: 2
Normally Ships: 4 - 5 Business Days
Quantity Price (per club)
2 - 3 $140.00
4+ $116.00
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Player Profile (Score): Beginner (95+), Intermediate (83-94)

Wishon Single Length Irons all have the same length as the 8-Iron making them much easier to hit, but also having the same flight and distance as a conventional length 5-Iron or 6-Iron. Having the same length and lie angle allows the golfer to use the same stance, same posture, same swing plane for improved shot consistency. Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set...same Moment-of-Inertia, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point to offer the chance for improved shot consistency. The #5, #6, and 7 irons offer proper distance due to the high "rebound effect" built into the club face which is different from other brands of "single length irons.

***Please Read***

If your average 5-Iron distance is less than 175 yards, DO NOT ORDER THE 5-IRON.

Conventional cast carbon steel in the #8 to Gap Wedge with 5° loft increments blend to offer proper distance gaps and proper distance with the 8-Iron thru Sand Wedge.

Available in a 5-Iron to 9-Iron, Pitching Wedge and Gap Wedge and Sand Wedge.

Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons have these features:

• Bendable loft angle: +/- 2° higher or lower (Exclusive on Wishon Irons)

• Bendable lie angle: +/- 2° upright or flat (Exclusive on Wishon Irons)

Features and Specifications

Play Left Hand
Head Material: 8620 Carbon Steel
Std. Length (Graphite): + .25" longer than steel

Loft (Bend +/- 2°) Lie (Bend +/- 2°) Length (Steel)
23° (5) 63° 36.5"
27° (6) 63° 36.5"
31° (7) 63° 36.5"
35° (8) 63° 36.5"
40° (9) 63° 36.5"
45° (PW) 63° 36.5"
50° (GW) 63° 36.5"
55° (SW) 63° 36.5"

Wishon S2S Graphite and Steel shafts are the finest quality shafts in the world. The Shaft Bend Profile is measured at 7 distinct points on the shaft for the most exact fit. (Exclusive on Wishon S2S Shafts)

Shaft Options

Grip Options

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