XDS Shank-Proof Hybrid Wedge

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XDS Hybrid Wedges are designed for players who need improvement in on-center hit consistency with the higher loft clubs that can easily be found hitting hybrid style clubs. These heads present a clean "face-forward" design that makes it easy to align to the target no matter what club you're using. Railed soles, containing extra heavier weights, help this club glide across any type of turf.

Shank you very little
The leading edge of the head is forward of the leading edge of the neck. This means that the head has onset or the opposite of offset like you would see in an iron. This positions the neck away from the face making it virtually impossible to shank the ball.

Rails, really?
No gimmicks here, rails really do work to help minimize surface contact with the ground which can cause decreased acceleration into the ball.  In addition, the railed sole has a very high concentration of weight to make getting the ball airborne a snap.



Play: Right Hand Only
Head Material: 431 Stainless Steel Body
Offset: -11 mm on all clubs
Finish: White on Crown, Side Skirt, Black on Sole, Polished Steel on Face
S2S Graphite
S2S Graphite
Avg. Score: 85+
Avg. 9-Iron Distance: 0 - 120 yards
Backswing Length: Hands higher than shoulders
Wrist Cock Release Point: Midway on Downswing
Pure Wrap
PURE Grips Wrap Style - Soft, Very Tacky (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)
PURE Pro Velvet
PURE Grips Pro Velvet - Medium Feel, Tacky, Excellent Traction (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)
PURE DTX - Firm Feel, Maximum Traction (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)
Golf Pride Tour Wrap
Golf Pride Tour Wrap - Medium Feel (Available in Black Only)
Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Golf Pride Tour Velvet - Medium Feel, Good Traction (Available in Black Only)
Lamkin REL
Lamkin REL - Soft Feel, Very Tacky, Shock Absorbing, Good Traction (Black Only)
Lamkin Crossline
Lamkin Crossline - Medium Feel, Good Traction (Available in Black Only)
Lamkin Wrap Tech
Lamkin Wrap Tech - Wrap Style, Good Traction (Available in Black Only)
Lamkin Z5
Lamkin Z5 - Medium Feel, Multi-Compound, Multi-Zone for Excellent Traction (Available in Red/White)


Loft Angle Std. Length
45°  Pitching Wedge 35.5"
50° Gap Wedge 35.5"
55° Sand Wedge 35.25"


Reviewed by Bob D., 02/03/2017

I am very satisfied. I am not shanking the ball. Using it from 80 yards in.
Thanks for your help.


This is a STARTING POINT ONLY for length fitting and in no way represents the final length of the clubs. We also evaluate the following golfer and swing elements:  1) swing path;  2) downswing transition force and downswing tempo;  3) point of the wrist-cock release on the downswing;  4) overall golfer athletic ability. 

Wrist Crease to Floor Measurement PItching Wedge (Steel) Pitching Wedge (Graphite)
27+" to 29" 34" 34 1/2"
29+" to 32" 34 1/2" 35"
32+" to 34" 35" 35 1/2"
34+" to 36" 35 1/2" 36"
36+" to 37" 35 3/4" 36 1/4"
37+" to 38" 36" 36 1/2"
38+" to 39" 36 1/4" 36 3/4"
39+" to 40" 36 1/2" 37"
40+" to 41" 36 3/4" 37 1/4"
41+" to 42" 37" 37 1/2"
42+" 37 1/4" 37 3/4"