Wishon 310MG Wedges

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Club Description & Specifications

Wishon Golf’s 310MG wedges combine a traditional blade profile with an innovative straight leading edge and undercut beveled sole to offer players a series of wedges which are far easier to line up. Enhancing the performance of the 310MG wedges are Wishon Golf’s proprietary Micro-Grooves which puts 40% more scoreline edges on the surface of the ball for increasing backspin.

The beveled sole features a pronounced narrow area of increased bounce at the very front of the sole which greatly reduces the chance of digging the leading edge or hitting fat shots.

Unique straight leading edge profile contrasts the usual curved leading edge on all other wedges to offer ease in alignment for improved shot accuracy. The low 1mm offset combined with a straight leading edge allows the 310MG wedges to build confidence in the ability to hit accurate shots into the greens.
Undercut beveled front of sole prevents digging with the leading edge from fairway, rough and sand to allow the sole to clear through the turf smoothly, even on pronounced hands-forward knock down shots.

Std. Lie Angle: 64° on all clubs
Loft Angle / Lie Angle Bendable: +/- 4°
Std. Club Length (Steel): 35.75" GW, 35.5" SW, 35.5" LW
Std. Club Length (Graphite): 36.25" GW, 36" SW, 36" LW
Head Material: 431 Stainless Steel
Finish: Satin


Wishon High Flight Steel Wedge Shaft
Wishon Hi Flight Steel (120g), (High Flight)

Wishon Knock Down Steel
Wishon Knock Down Steel (125g), (Low Flight)

S2S Green
S2S Green, Score 90+
S2S White
S2S White, Score 82 - 89
S2S Black
S2S Black 85 (85g), Score 75 - 85
S2S Red
S2S Red (105g), Score 70 - 74

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Golf Pride Tour Wrap
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Golf Pride Tour Velvet
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