About Condor Golf

We are now in our 52nd year in the golf business. We started golf instruction and club repair in 1972. Then in 1976, we began making custom clubs. When we build a "custom" club, it has to be absolutely perfect in every detail, from appearance to performance.

We have built thousands of custom fit clubs for our clients since 1976. In the 1970's, all the woods were genuine persimmon wood and the irons were manufactured from raw blank heads that were cast in the USA. The whole industry changed with the first "metalwoods" in the early 1980's, however we still hand made all the persimmon heads. During the 1990's, metalwoods took over completely as they were more readily available.

During the 1990's, more "component" companies started up as a more affordable alternative to name brand clubs. These companies use what are known as "original designs"...they are not copies of any name brand clubs.

Now in 2024, club heads and shafts have become incredibly easy to hit. The large titanium driver heads can help even bad golfers to hit much straighter and longer tee shots. Hybrid clubs are much easier to swing than long to mid irons. These club innovations make it easier than ever to enjoy playing golf.