Low Spin Shafts

There are many articles about "Spin" of the ball upon contact with the club. We are here to set the record straight about "Spin."

The vast majority of excessive spin situations are caused by swing errors rather than playing the wrong equipment. Therefore, correcting swing technique is more effective than changing equipment.

What causes the excessive spin shot? The most predominant swing error that results in excessive spin is:

A breakdown of the wrist of the upper hand on the grip coming into impact which allows the clubhead to pass in front of the hands before impact, thus greatly increasing the dynamic loft of the clubhead and increasing spin and launch angle along with it.

The only equipment change that can reduce higher spin is a lower loft on the club head. However, you can only lower loft so much. A golfer is much better off making the effort to get rid of the higher spin/higher launch by taking lessons to improve his hand-to-club head position at impact.

Conclusion and Key Points

  • Be more concerned about finding the best driver and shaft combination. Stop obsessing about the spin number coming from the launch monitor.
  • A shaft that affects a change on spin ONLY works for players with a very late wrist cock release (players who normally score 66 - 72).
  • If you are allowing the clubhead to pass the hands before impact, take lessons and practice hard to change these swing errors — do not buy a new club or shaft.

If the shaft you have fits your swing speed, transition/tempo force, wrist cock release point and preference for feel, don’t change it to lower the spin. It will have no effect and you will end up with a shaft that feels and plays too stiff.