Fitting Golf Shafts

These S2S Graphite Golf Shafts are the most precise in the golf industry. They are measured using a Shaft Bend Profile as shown in the chart to insure precision in feel, trajectory and consistency. The measurement is in cycles per minute to measure shaft stiffness. Each shaft (Regular Flex and same shaft weight) has distinct variances that will help golfers achieve the proper flight for each golfer. The higher number of cpm, the stiffer the shaft will feel.

Shaft Flex 41" (Grip) 36" 31" 26" 21" 16" 11" (Head)
Regular (67 gram weight) 164 cpm 184 cpm 208 cpm 248 cpm 330 cpm 460 cpm 740 cpm
Regular (65 gram weight) 168 cpm 188 cpm 224 cpm 275 cpm 350 cpm 500 cpm 825 cpm
Regular (65 gram weight) 165 cpm 192 cpm 224 cpm 268 cpm 340 cpm 465 cpm 775 cpm
Regular (65 gram weight) 184 cpm 205 cpm 222 cpm 253 cpm 310 cpm 500 cpm 920 cpm

Courtesy of Wishon Golf

Shaft Selector Program

In the past, shafts were typically characterised by torque, flex and/or butt CPMs, however as shaft construction became more sophisticated, these designations became meaningless. Tom Wishon recognised this problem and began a series of experiments and research that led to the concept of a shaft’s “bend profile”. Dividing the shaft into a series of seven segments (points) and measuring the stiffness of that particular section by use of frequency meter meant that these frequencies could be plotted and the result was a ‘bend profile’ for the shaft, which empirically described the shaft’s stiffness.

Allows for matching swing moves to shaft stiffness profiles
Enables analysis of shafts with similar flex patterns
Predict adjustments in ball trajectory and flight
Removes the need to rely on traditional flex categories
Match the profiles of discontinued shafts with newer models Shaft Selector displays the bend profile alongside additional information such as tip diameter, shaft weight, and recommended swing speed to further assist the clubfitter in determining which shafts might be candidates for a particular golfer.

Shaft Selector