Wishon Cavity Black CB-2 Mallet Putter

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Club Description & Specifications

Wishon Cavity Black CB-2 Offset Mallet Putter features a more centered hosel for players with a slight arc to straight putting stroke. The 4° standard loft angle is designed for golfers who struggle with inconsistent hits on the putter face. The 3-level CNC milled sole which elevates the leading and trailing edges helps reduce "scuffing" during the putting stroke and enhances a slightly upward angle of attack to the ball giving a consistent roll.

CB-2 has a head weight of 365 grams (heavier than most putters) for maximum feel upon contact. Finally, the CB-2 is Face Balanced. The extended red and white alignment guides in the putter base provide an excellent visual alignment to the cup.

Loft Angle: 4°
Lie Angle: 72°
Head Weight: 365 grams
Offset: 4mm
Std. Length: 34.5"
Putting Stroke: Slight Arc
Head Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel

Wishon Cavity Black CB-2 Mallet Putter

Fitting Club Length

Putter LengthStand Erect. Make a Fist with your hands.
Measure from the First Knuckle to the floor (as shown in the image).

Loft Angle
Hands ahead at impact, Bend the Putter 1° or 2° More Loft
Hands in line at impact, Do Not Bend
Hands behind impact, Bend the Putter 1° or 2° Less Loft
Lie Angle
Putter sole touching ground center of face, Do Not Bend Putter
Putter toe barely up, Bend 1° Upright
Putter toe definitely up, Bend 2° Upright
Putter heel barely up, Bend 1° Flat
Putter heel definitely up, Bend 2° Flat


Stepless Steel

Stepless Steel (120g)
Straight putter shaft with stepless design for that high-end look. For conventional length putters only.

Nippon NS Pro Putter
Nippon NS Pro Heavy (149g)
NS Pro Heavy shaft that features weight, stability and feel

KBS One Step Putter Shaft
KBS One-Step (130g)
Pure amplified feel, along with reduction in vibrations at impact for your putts to be accurat with different putter head weights

Breakthhrough Technology Stability
Breakthrough Technology Stability (125g)

Breakthrough Technology Stability Tour
Breakthrough Technology Stability Tour

Pro 115 Graphite
Pro 115 Graphite (115g)


Wishon Midsize Putter Grip (110 grams)
Qualities: Very soft, tacky feel
Size: Midsize

Wishon Jumbo Putter
Wishon Oversize Putter Grip (80 grams)
Qualities: Very Wide, Soft Feel
Size: Extra Large

Dual Touch Black

Dual Touch Blue

Dual Touch Orange

Dual Touch Red
Dual Touch (85 grams)
Qualities: Tacky feel, Multiple Surface Pattern
Size: Midsize Paddle

big Softy Black
Big Softy Blue
Big Softy Red
Big Softy (155 grams)
Qualities: Ergonomic shape, Extremely Soft Feel
Size: Oversize

Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol
Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol (120 grams)
Qualities: Pronounced pistol profile
Size: Midsize

GP Pro Only Green
Golf Pride Pro Only Green (88 grams)
Qualities: Arched paddle front and oval back shape
Size: Midsize

GP Pro Only Red
Golf Pride Pro Only Red (74.5 grams)
Qualities: Arched paddle front and a slight pistol look.
Size: Standard

GP Pro Only Blue
Golf Pride Pro Only Blue (83.5 grams)
Qualities: Wide flat paddle front and an angled back shape
Size: Midsize

GP Reverse Taper Putter
Golf Pride Reverse Taper
Slim upper hand section
Gradually wider lower hand section to create the 'Reverse Taper'
Soft feel and enhanced tacky texture with dimple pattern for added traction
Style: Pistol, Round, Flat
Size: Medium, Large

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