Wishon EQ1-NX Hybrids

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Right Hand or Left Hand
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Face Angle Correction (Direction):
Lie Angle:
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Loft 20° 24° 28°
Lie 58° 59° 60°
Std. Length (Single Length) 36.75" 36.75" 36.75"
Std. Length (Conventional Length) 38.5" 38" 37.5"
Face Angle/Lie Bend +/- 3° +/- 3° +/- 3°

Club Description

Wishon EQ1-NX Hybrids are the most unique and versatile hybrids ever created...play as Conventional Length or Single Length. Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set...same moment-of-inertia, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point to offer the chance for improved shot consistency. Using the Internal weight addition option allows matching EQ1 Single Length iron length OR they can be made to conventional hybrid length!
Graduated Roll Technology ensures that the true loft of the club face is the same no matter where it is measured.
Loft angles match the lofts and loft gaps of the EQ1-NX irons.
Head Material: 431 Stainless Steel
Finish: Black with Red Trim


Product Warranty

Custom Fitting

Fitting Club Length & Grip Size

Club Length Measuring

Length Fitting
Stand on flat surface and place your arms in a relaxed position by your sides. For best accuracy, have another person help in measuring from the wrist crease to the floor.

Grip Size Measuring

Fitting Hand Size
Measure Hand (as shown in picture) before selecting the correct grip size


S2S Blue Hybrid Graphite
S2S Blue ($25) (56 grams)
Golfers who normally score 90 +
S2S White Hybrid Graphite
S2S White ($25) (78 grams)
Golfers who normally score score 88 +
S2S Black Hybrid Graphite
S2S Black 85 ($25) (98 grams)
Golfers who normally score 85 +


Star Grip Sidewinder
Star Grip Sidewinder ($10)
Star Grip Wrap
Star Grip Classic Wrap ($10)

Wishon V-Series
Wishon V-Series Classic ($0)

Wishon 360 Grip
Wishon 360-Series ($0)

Wishon W-Series Grip
Wishon W-Series ($0)
Lamkin Sonar
Lamkin Sonar ($10)

Lamkin Crossline
Lamkin Crossline ($10)

Golf Pride Tour Wrap
Golf Pride Tour Wrap ($10)

CP2 Tour
Golf Pride CP2 Pro ($10)
CP2 Wrap
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap ($10)

Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Golf Pride Tour Velvet ($10)

Golf Pride New Decade
Golf Pride New Decade ($10)

Winn Dri-Tac
Winn Dri-Tac ($10)


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