XDS Shank-Proof Hybrid Wedges

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Right Hand Only
11mm (No Shank)
Normally Ships:
6 - 8 Business Days
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Loft 45° 50° 55°
Lie 64° 64° 64°
Std. Length (Steel) 35.5" 35.5" 35"
Std. Length (Graphite) + .5" + .5" + .5"

Club Description

The obvious solution for shanking is to correct your golf swing, however some golfers simply don't have the time to get instruction or to practice a better hitting position. We have an easier solution to the shanking problem...the XDS "No Shank" Hybrid Wedges which positions the neck away from the face making it virtually impossible to shank the ball.

XDS "No Shank" Wedges have what is called an "onset hosel" (instead of an "offset hosel") which helps prevent the chance of hitting the dreaded "shank." This -11mm onset hosel is located behind the leading edge of the face.

One other feature of the XDS "No Shank" Hybrid Wedge is the railed sole which has a very high concentration of weight to make getting the ball airborne very easy. Plus the rails help minimize surface contact with the ground.
Head Material: 431 Stainless Steel
Finish: Black with Red and White Trim


Product Warranty

Custom Fitting

Fitting Club Length & Grip Size

Club Length Measuring

Length Fitting
Stand on flat surface and place your arms in a relaxed position by your sides. For best accuracy, have another person help in measuring from the wrist crease to the floor.

Grip Size Measuring

Fitting Hand Size
Measure Hand (as shown in picture) before selecting the correct grip size


Shadow Lite Steel
Lite Steel ($0) (115g)
Stepless Steel
Standard Weight Steel ($0) (125g)
Velocity Graphite
Velocity Graphite ($10) (68g)
Shadow UL
Apollo Shadow UL Graphite ($12)


Karma Velour
Karma Velour ($0)
Karma Oversize Plus
Karma Oversize Plus ($0)
Star Grip Sidewinder
Star Grip Sidewinder ($4)
Star Grip Wrap
Star Grip Classic Wrap ($4)
Lamkin Crossline
Lamkin Crossline ($10)

Golf Pride Tour Wrap
Golf Pride Tour Wrap ($10)

Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Golf Pride Tour Velvet ($10)

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