Golf Club Repair

For golfers wanting to re-furbish older clubs or who need new grips and shafts, contact us for price.

We will send a shipping box to ship your clubs to us.

New Grips

Golf Pride
GP Tour Wrap
GP Tour Velvet
GP CP2 Wrap

Winn Dri Tac

Lamkin Crossline
Lamkin Sonar +

PURE Grips
PURE Pro Velvet


New Shafts - Grafalloy, UST, Aldila, Aerotech, Graphite Design, Apollo, Alpha, True Temper, KBS, Nippon, Wishon S2S

Each model of the S2S shafts are specifically designed for certain swing characteristics to help golfers of all skill levels. Each shaft is "spine aligned" plus it is measured for frequency in seven Bend Profile Design points for a precision fit of any swing speed, swing tempo, backswing length and wrist cock release point.

Wishon S2S Graphite Shafts

Aerotech Steel Fiber

Nippon Steel

True Temper Dynamic Gold

Apollo Smooth Steel

OEM Shaft Adapters

Install new Shaft Adapters on Callaway, Taylormade, Cobra, Ping, PXG, Titleist and Mizuno Metalwoods

Additional Club Repair

Re-attaching loose heads
Fixing rattles inside shafts
Buff and clean irons and many other miscellaneous repairs.
Lengthen or shorten golf shafts
Counterbalance by backweighting of clubs
Re-grooving irons - Square grooves milled
Rechrome Irons - makes 40 year old clubs look like new!

Re-chrome Clubs