Golf Club Repair

Condor Golf Club Repair

Replacing worn golf grips



We have a large selection of golf grips at very reasonable prices.

Condor Golf has over 40 years of training in measuring, fitting and installing the best grips on your clubs. Once we measure hand size, we will advise on grip thickness and tell you how that will effect your shots. There are also difference in "feel" between grips...

1. Soft, tacky feel that is easy for the hands to hold

2. Medium, tacky feel that creates a slightly more non-slip feel

3. Firm but tacky non-slip feel that does extend the life of the grip

We use compressed air to install our grips rather than messy solvents. By using compressed air, you can immediately swing the club without fear of having the grip twist out of position. The grip can also be removed very easily.

PURE Grips

Single Surface Pattern, Wrap Style, Soft Tacky Feel - PURE Grips Wrap


Single Surface Pattern, Medium Feel - PURE Grips Pro Velvet


Multiple Surface Pattern, Firm Feel - PURE Grips DTX

Finally, we also add the custom fit services like enlarging the diameter size under the lower hand on the grip which helps golfers who have the problem of the lower hand trying to help the ball get airborne. This is also great for golfers with arthritis in the hands.



Whether you have done it in temper, hit a tree during your swing or even if the shaft has simply failed, Condor Golf provides the solution at the lowest possible price.

No two golf shafts are the same (even from the same manufacturer). We can measure your swing speed, swing tempo and the length of your backswing (yes, even that has a dynamic effect on what shaft is best for you). We then use the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index from Dynacraft Golf to find the best fitting shaft at the lowest possible price.


Additional Club Repair

  • Loft / lie adjustments on irons
  • Reinstalling loose heads
  • Fixing rattles inside shafts
  • Buff and clean irons and many other miscellaneous repairs.
  • Lengthen or shorten golf shafts
  • Counterbalance by backweighting of clubs
  • Re-grooving irons