Golf Club Repair

Golf Club Repair

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New Grips

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PURE Grips
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New Shafts - Grafalloy, UST, Aldila, Aerotech, Graphite Design, Apollo, True Temper, KBS, Nippon, Wishon S2S

Each model of the S2S shafts are specifically designed for certain swing characteristics to help golfers of all skill levels. Each shaft is "spine aligned" plus it is measured for frequency in seven Bend Profile Design points for a precision fit of any swing speed, swing tempo, backswing length and wrist cock release point.

Wishon S2S Graphite Shafts

Here are Bend Profiles of S2S Regular Flex Shafts to show that not all Regular flex shafts are the same! Both shafts are 65 gram graphite, the torque is only .3° different and the Balance Points are within 1/2". But the shafts are as different as night and day! They are measured in cpm (cycles per minute). The first shaft is stiffer up at the grip end but the middle section is almost the same as the second shaft. Then when it gets closer to the head, the first shaft is incredibly stiffer than the second shaft. Both are considered to be "Regular Flex". Do not get fooled by someone who tells you all "Regular" flex shafts are the same.

41" (Grip End) 36" 31" 26" 21" 16" 11" (Head End)
184 cpm 205 cpm 222 cpm 253 cpm 310 cpm 500 cpm 920 cpm


41" (Grip End) 36" 31" 26" 21" 16" 11" (Head End)
155 cpm 180 cpm 211 cpm 251 cpm 321 cpm 450 cpm 750 cpm

Furthermore, don't even bother asking other shaft companies for this type of true comparison between their own golf shafts because they will NOT provide any of these numbers to you. Sad but true!

Additional Club Repair

  • Re-attaching loose heads
  • Loft / lie adjustments on irons
  • Fixing rattles inside shafts
  • Buff and clean irons and many other miscellaneous repairs.
  • Lengthen or shorten golf shafts
  • Counterbalance by backweighting of clubs
  • Re-grooving irons
  • Rechrome Irons - makes 40 year old clubs look like new!

Re-chrome Clubs